Web pages and internet applications programming
Industrial programming services

Web and industrial programming

Encodi is a conglomerate of services oriented programming in two very different and exciting sectors such as websites and industrial engineering.

Encodi works with the association and coordination of diverse professionals from both sectors, so we can offer our customers a highly specialized, professional and customized solution for each product.

Website programming

The creation process of a web page is divided into different phases that could be summarized in four:

  • Graphic design
  • Layout (turn the design into HTML and CSS code)
  • Programming (To allow the user to modify the content and interact with a database)
  • Publication and promotion (SEO, social networks, etc.)

Encodi, despite offers all these services, its specialty is programming. For this reason we offer our services to end customers who want a comprehensive service as design and to advertising agencies that do their own designs and only need a programmer to implement them.

Industrial programming

Solidworks is a 3D CAD design  sofware very popular in the field of engineering and industrial design.

Solidworks offers its users an API that lets them create macros and programmes to interact externaly with Solidwords giving the possibility to automate repetitive and laborious tasks applications.

Encodi provides the ability to schedule these applications as well as the needs of each client for each project.