Encodi is a programming company. We are passionate about the computer industry and the creation of content on the internet. Encodi allows us to do everything. We offer comprehensive services but we also offer partial services to work with teams of other companies.


Web programming

Programming web pages for so for design and / or advertising agencies as well as for final customers.

Intranets design

We design and program intranets to facilitate day-to-day management in your company.

Web hosting

We offer you a space for our servers to host your website with the features that best suit your needs.

Solidworks Macros

We program macros and applications in Visual Basic to facilitate the most repetitive tasks you do with Solidworks.

Industrial programming

Together with our partner BitBlue we offer programming services and industrial automation. Modernization, maintenance and design of electrical cabinets.

Web positioning - SEO

We are specialists in web positioning. We take advantage of this knowledge to develop your website in a more convenient way to allow Google to have a good positioning.